AJ started dancing competitively at the age of 12. Despite being brought up in a dance studio, AJ was interested in Extreme Sports including snowboarding and mountain boarding.

His parents (Adrian and Debi Pritchard - founders of Pritchards Dance and Fitness Academy) never wanted AJ to dance. Being a World Champion himself, Adrian knew what it took to become the best.

However, at the age of 11, a TV programme approached the Academy looking for a young dancer to take part in a competition - AJ decided he wanted to be that person. One problem - he couldn't dance!

So he started to learn and despite getting nowhere on the TV programme as he still couldn't dance, his passion was born and he hasn't looked back since.

AJ then decided he wanted to take dancing seriously and so Adrian partnered him with another girl from the studio who lived 15 minutes away - Chloe.

AJ has a hunger to be the best and coupled with hard work and determination, AJ and Chloe have had huge success. They are a formidable dancing duo and the youngest ever Professional Dancers on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

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